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Hi there!

From this point on, I’ll be referring myself as Catleesi to preserve my anonymity unless of course, you recognised me in my profile photo. Let’s keep my identity a secret please!

I’m a female in the working class, however if you saw me in public, you’d think I’m still attending my high school classes. I’m way above the legal age yet baby-ed in the family as I’m their only daughter. I like a lot of things but the ones that ranked up the typical meter are seen in separate pages. This blog has been floating for years. And due to a shift in my career paths, I’ve decided to use it as a library of portfolio and write ups! Just cause it’s a storage blog doesn’t mean it’s pointless. I’ll do my best in postingĀ interesting feats and adventures, game reviews that are soaked in bias-sery, bared attempts in photography, writing prompts and just sharing what life has to offer.

So be warned if this page isĀ too ordinary for your taste.



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