Incoming Clickity-clack!

Baby has arrived!

Praying to all the gods proved useful when I arrived in DataBlitz and the item is available. Imagine the stellar coincidence as my boyfriend dubs, when I realised I deposited an additional P1000 in my debit card and was able to help me pay for the keyboard without the need to return the next day!

I had to do it in cash as I do not have credit cards plus the lady told me there’s a discount! I was glad they had a variety of ATMs. I almost took a sprint to withdraw but kept my cool and waited patiently for my turn.  The transaction went smoothly too. Imagine my surprise when the discount was only P200 off. Damn. And I thought it would be at least P500 off the item. They asked me twice if I’d like to open and check the item which I refused at first as I want it unopened. They agreed and went on to make my receipt. I read a note in front of their cashier table and that it encouraged their customers to inspect the products to make sure all the items are complete and product is in good condition. As if on cue, they asked me again and this time pleaded to have it opened. I said, yes.

Holy shit, man. The keyboard was glorious. The RGB lighting was perfect and the clicky sounds are definitely music to my S/O’s ears. It sounded like a type-writer to be honest but that’s his drift.

Someone give her the Perfect Girlfriend Award.

But what made me forget about my wallet in tears? The fact that I’ll be relying solely on my paycheck for the entire month of October because I’m totally zero in balance was all flicked out the window when I made a realisation.

I bought the perfect gift.

The main course of my ultimate birthday plan is served – fresh. And just the way he likes it. He better like that shit!

However, I am seriously not going back there after work’s shift because the traffic jam is the worst. The supposed 15-minute ride back to home took me almost an hour – with my butt barely occupying the seat. I feel a tiny bit of regret of accepting the last slot in the jeep knowing (as I am a commuter myself) that that one last seat is 90% hanging over the edge and relying on your legs’ strength. But I just had to. I wanted to go home already.



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