A Clickity-clack Kind of Gift

The clock is ticking.

I didn’t think that even after I graduated in College, I’d still be in a state of procrastination. I find it funny, and frustrating at the same time although sometimes, the best ideas pop up on the last minute.

Just like today.

It’s my S/O’s birthday in approximately, four days and despite hunting down various gifts in the internet for weeks, I only came across, my mind officially made up, the perfect gift in a few days’ notice. And I’m silently praying over to all gods out there – official or not – to kindly impose a divine intervention when I step into the store that will make a miracle.

So how did I come up with the gift?

Despite being together for three years, I do quite find it hard to give my dearest a gift without thinking it through. I should know him by now, you say. True, I do. I just can’t choose which would suit him the most! A gamer’s interest is so vast and expensive that it took me a better job with better salary to step up the game of gift-giving. He already gave me the most expensive present I ever received in a day (say Hi to ROG), a story for another post. And I decided, I might as well take that path. It helped that he’d been itching to get a new mechanical keyboard months before his birthday which narrowed down my ideas.

And holy shit.

I never thought gaming mechanical keyboards are such a blow in my pocket. It didn’t help that I love flashy things. And I want him a flashy gift – hence the RGB lighting required. With the influx of e-sports enthusiasts, and so did gaming peripherals. Razer was out of the question. Shit is expensive! So I went to alternatives like Steelseries and Corsair and boy was my wallet in tears as I swiped through the products. There was a week of me researching reviews of different keyboards that won’t put my budget in pieces as well. I was becoming hopeless as the cheapest I could find was seven freaking thousand. The other mech keyboards were too plain and doesn’t suit a birthday boy who gave me an 80,000 worth laptop that I use for various personal projects and have a taste of games in HD quality.

Anyway, I was losing hope. A week left and I haven’t found it still. They’re just too pricey. I sneakily asked S/O why he likes mechanical keyboards. That way, if he didn’t adore them that much, I can buy membrane keyboards but damn son. He’s a fan! And it solidified my mission to find the cheap but awesome keyboard. I was becoming desperate, and almost settled on a membrane keyboard when I found the answer to my prayers.

It didn’t exist after the nth time of my visit in Logitech’s site. However, after another set of searching mechanical keyboard + rgb – this little cookie came up and god knows how my heart leaped in joy!

Steelseries APEX M650


This is the miracle baby I’ve been searching for months!

Mechanical Keyboard? Check! RGB Lighting? Check! Awesome brand? Check!

My money will tear up a bit but bitch – I found the perfect gift!

And now, since this is an international brand and Razer being the only hyped gaming brand, Logitech is less known and can only be ordered in Lazada at an overpriced rate. So today, after work – I’ll be marching towards Datablitz in Marquee and offer a silent prayer to Ra that he bestow his great magical powers and place a stock of the Apex M650.

Good luck to me!


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