Hello, 2017

I’ll pretend that it’s only January.

Oh January.

Happy New Year to All!

New year, new freaking blog.

My livejournal got abandoned after two months of activity. Shame.

Honestly, this is my second attempt in creating a supposedly daily blog with a mash of frustrated photography, game reviews and portfolio. In hopes of improving my gears on the things I’m passionate about, I’ve decided to create this blog. Tumblr would have suffice but it’s full of my crappy thoughts and the things I share might expose my dark secrets which I prefer hidden on the internet anonymously. Or so I thought.

But enough about my rants, cheers to 2017!

I’m a little hopeful that I’d finally get a good job as my previous one, the hell hole, minus the little devils I met, had me suffer enough and I wish to have a better one. It makes me excited and nervous at the same time because 1) I’m finally free from my incompetent boss that is more talented in talking trash on his employees and 2) I might end up vacant for a longer time than I intended. It’s frightening, it makes you want to go back to school where the only problems you’ll face are either group projects, how to solve your homework in AutoMata, pray to the gods that your thesis passed and have an all nighter on your program. Easy? Well, better than selling yourself to strangers and quietly, in desperation, hope that you’re the lucky applicant to get hired.

On the other hand, due to my job crisis on the start of the year, I can’t help but rant about it. Although, I hope this blog serves it purpose in finality.


January 1, 2017 (lels)


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